Zodiac Sign and Diets : Water Signs (Part III) – Dr. Shikha Sharma

Water Signs : Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio

The water signs are impacted most by emotions. When they are stressed they tend to hold water in their bodies. These also are signs which are most likely to overeat when excited and happy and also when they need emotional comfort. Water signs tend to have obsessive habits and tend to be extremists in their eating habits. They can have a tendency to get carried away and habituated towards addictive foods. Beverages and fluids ranging from a simple tea or coffee to sodas, fizzy drinks or alcohol can become a difficult to break habit.

Water signs tend to hold a lot of water due to their love for addictive beverages, sugar and salt. The best diet plan for water signs has to have low quantities of sugar and salt in the diet, more dry and healthy foods like sprouts, boiled corn and roasted or grilled foods with little salt. Drinking water when in stress is a good idea to balance the water levels and detoxify.


Pisceans may love food Mediterranean food and Japanese cuisine as it is colorful and has a lot of variety. Coastal cuisine may also be a favorite and a lot of pisceans enjoy costal cuisine. Coconut water and food made in coconut milk is a favorite while beverages may also be a enjoyable. Pisceans need to watch out for drinking sweet or alcoholic drinks in excess. Fun exercise like swimming may be more acceptable to a Piscean. Pisceans tend to gain weight easily when under stress due to erratic eating and binge eating.

Cancer cancer

Cancerians love home cooked fresh meal. They are happiest when eating at home, and a familiar meal which may be a family favorite or a traditional family meal in a cosy surrounding. Cancerians will be healthier if they avoid eating in bed or favorite couch and also get more exercise. Soups are also a healthy option which Cancerians enjoy.


Scorpios love fancy food in fancy restaurants. They tend to love spicy and tangy foods which titillate their senses. Scorpios tend to look for aphrodisiacs in food and enjoy their food leisurely. Scorpios may put on unhealthy weight when they are angry and sulking. Scorpios also should watch their liver and kidneys. A good detoxification program goes well with Scorpios.

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