Zodiac Sign and Diets (Part I) – Dr. Shikha Sharma

A very new concept of Zodiac Sign Diets are in fashion these days in the west, and while it sounds fun and interesting, it is also intriguing to know how would a zodiac sign determines the kind of foods one should eat.

The logic given by the diet astrologers dwells on the Indian astrology. In Indian astrology planets and health are closely linked and the health is influenced by the planetary position. So for example, a Mars affects the blood circulation and similarly the moon affects the emotions. So according to astrology, the human body is also a micro celestial body in constant dialogue with the planets.

The body is created from the constituents of Vata(Air)Pitta(Fire) and Kapha (Water+Earth) and would have the elements which are influenced by the Zodiac sign. Zodiac diets simply depend on the zodiac sign one is born under and take into account the energies at birth. So for example, if one is born under the Zodiac sign of Cancer then one would have the characteristics of having a lot of influence of water in the body. This means that the person would find that element which is getting unbalanced in the body is frequently the water element. The person may feel bloated (water retention) when there is continous stress and during that time the person may consume more beverages like tea and coffee.

According to the Vedas, we are created from the basic element of Vata(Air)Pitta(Fire) and Kapha (Water+Earth). The three elements or humors actually come together to create the body, tendencies and nature of the body. Depending upon the individual constitution, each person is made from some percentage of these elements. Some may have more of the water element while some may have more of the air element. A person with more of the air element will display Vata tendencies (quick thinkers, delicate digestion, need small but frequent meals in their day, gets bloated with gas very easily if they skip meals etc.)

How zodiacs affect the body is a very old concept in Indian Astrology and has recently come into fashion in the western world. While the concept is still in its latency, it continues to intrigue everyone. The interplay between the human body and celestial bodies and the result on emotions and health is fascinating.

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