Zodiac Sign and Diets : Earth Signs (Part V) – Dr. Shikha Sharma

Earth signs – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

These zodiac signs are the Earth signs. Stability, perseverance and consistency is the key of the Earth signs. A balanced Earth sign is strong, has stamina, healthy and stable. An unbalanced Earth sign is overweight, diabetic and lethargic.

Earth signs love the good life and luxuries. Earth signs in general are very good with hospitality and creating tangibles like good homes. They love the kitchen and having a family.

Earth signs bring stability and are good for building the stability and foundation of any family or organization. They love to eat and make others eat well.

Due to the tendency for overeating and a sedentary lifestyle, the Earth signs tend to increase fat very easily. They also tend to have large appetites. Due to the basic nature, Earth signs tend to be heavier than the other signs and also have strong bones and joints. They do not enjoy too much of snacks and prefer to eat proper well made food. They also love to eat in restaurants with a good ambiance and presentation.

Earth signs tend to accumulate fat steadily over the years and they need to watch out for fat accumulation as they get older. The positive aspect of Earth sign is that they also are very good with any exercise or sport program they may choose to undertake once they make up their mind.

To balance the Earth sign the following foods and lifestyle tips can be followed

  • Detoxification once a week and going on a fruit and coconut water fast. The Earth signs need frequent detoxification as they tend to accumulate a lot of toxins in their bodies and this may make their bones and joints weak. Therefore, a fortnightly detox works very well to cleanse the system. Avoiding cereals and substituting with phalahar (like the Navratras) on a detox plan helps the Earth signs to balance their systems and also lighten up.

According to Ayurveda, all kinds of cereals, fried foods, oily foods and sweet foods including sugar, tend to increase the Earth element in the body. To decrease the earth element one needs to balance by consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables in the diet.

Some of the Tips for Earth signs are:

  • Take bitter and astringent vegetables like karela, green leafy vegetables.
  • Take spices like methi seeds as sprouted methi seeds every morning.
  • Drink warm water with lemon early morning.
  • Have fruits like guava, oranges and herbs like tulsi, amla, triphala.
  • Consume less salt or replacing normal salt with rock salt.
  • Take less dairy oily products like ghee and butter.
  • Take green tea or jasmine tea with meals or after meals.
  • Take wheat bran or oat bran in the roti.
  • Do a cereal free and salt dinner once a week.
  • Avoid too much of banana, mango or sweet juices.
  • Avoid cold food or refrigerated food.
  • Exercises for Earth people – going to the gym, power yoga, swimming, working with any exercise equipment makes them feel happy. Similarly resistance training or swimming also is an activity which relaxes them.
  • Earth people in general have a strong constitution but they need to careful about falling in a sedentary life trap and getting complacent about their health.

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