Zodiac Sign and Diets : Air Signs (Part IV) – Dr. Shikha Sharma

Air Signs – Libra, Aquarius and Gemini

The air signs have the  elements and nature air, which means that they walk fast, tend to speak quickly and are quite communicative and love to do several things at one time. The Air signs are active, fast movers and quick thinkers. They tend to be bored easily and love to connect and communicate with others. Travel is something the air signs love and if given an opportunity they travel a lot.

The impact of the air signs on their bodies is that many air signs neglect their eating schedule and do not eat at the right time. The result of this is that they get very hungry and begin to get headaches and may also get cranky. Air signs need frequent and small meals. They also need to eat food slowly and chew their food well other wise they may tend to have digestive problems. Air signs usually have very sensitive digestive systems and usually are unable to eat large quantities in one go without feeling uncomfortable.

Technology and digital games are the favorite interests of the air signs. Air signs are also great communicators, journalists, radio jockeys and anchors.

Air signs need to get a lot of minerals like calcium, magnesium for their nerves as their nerves get rattled by too much information overload. They also need a lot vitamins specially from the Vitamin B group to nourish their nerves. Their skin and nerves need healthy oils to balance and nourish their system.

The following foods are beneficial for the Air signs

  • Soups and broth – the warmth and the nourishing broth with a little bit of white butter is very nourishing to the Air sign.
  • Wheat porridge with milk – whet porridge with organic milk is nourishing and calming to the Air sign.
  • Oat porridge with Milk
  • Rice and dal khichdi are very beneficial for the Air sign as it has the best of the elements of the Fire and Water, which is balancing to the Air sign. A little bit of organic ghee in the khichri is beneficial to the Air sign.
  • Spices – like ginger, Asafoetida  (heeng), spices, garam masala, are healthy for the Air sign.

Foods  and lifestyles to avoid

Air signs get unbalanced by the following diet and lifestyle

  • Eating food which unbalance air like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, potato, rajmah, white channa.
  • Eating food at the wrong time like late night or skipping meals.
  • Eating stale food.
  • Eating food which are cold and directly from the refrigerator.
  • Drinking too many colas.
  • Consuming too much tea or coffee or any other stimulant like smoking.
  • Too much travelling without proper rest.
  • Lack of proper sleep.

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