Your Healthy Diet Can Cause Bloating, Do What YuWoW Does.

A healthy diet majorly comprises of fruits and vegetables which is ideal. But, many dieters complain of gastric bloating on initiating a healthy diet. There is nothing to panic, this is normal and let us give you more insight into why this happens and what needs to be done:

Fruits contain high fructose contain. This causes excessive gas in many individuals. Apples, pears, peaches, guava have more pectin content which again is responsible for bloating.

Vegetables contain high fibre content. When you eat raw salads, it is likely that you feel bloated as fibre takes time to break down and digest. Cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage are responsible for excessive belching and gas. This is primarily because gut friendly bacteria breakdown the fibre in these vegetables and cause fermentations, thus causing inconvenient embarrassments.

Whole grain carbohydrates like oats, brown rice and broken wheat are slow to digest and thus fermentations cause bloating in many.

So, what does one do? You cannot quit eating fibre in your healthy diet? Well, YuWoW diet team offers some interesting suggestions:

  1. Every individual has an Ayurveda constitution and we respond to diets accordingly. Eat as per your prakriti. For instance, Kapha may do better without wheat and Vatta may do better on gruels. So, let your diet expert plan an Ayurveda diet plan for you.

  2. Drink plenty of lukewarm water all day long to keep acidity at bay.

  3. Avoid beverages like tea, coffee and sodas.

  4. Eat very small portion sizes.

  5. Include a bit of fat in diet. Ask your diet expert about healthy fat choices.

  6. Natural laxatives like Triphala and Psyllium Husk clean up and detox your digestive tract well.

Let YuWoW diet team plan a diet for you that is healthy and customised to your Ayurveda constitution and blood group. This avoids unnecessary inconveniences like bloating and gas.

Eat right, feel light!

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