Stress Is Making You Fat! Beat It Without Meditation, Yoga and Chanting.

“I am stressed.” This is the regular confession heard by diet counsellors. And, the response to it is : that is why you are not losing weight.

Stress Makes You Fat:

There is an investigated and concluded theory that stress increases cortisols in the body. This is responsible for storing excess fat especially in the abdominal region. The increase in weight slows down body response to sugar metabolism and increases lipid storage.

Hence, a completely off track health quotient, which YuWoW wants you to beat.

Beat Stress:

The word of advice from every self-help article is , “ try yoga, meditation or chanting to beat stress”. Well, if you knew how or had the inclination wouldn’t you have already done that to prevent it? You are a mother, a working professional, “I don’t have the time or energy for this, this tip stresses me out further”. Doesn’t it?

Relax! YuWoW has simple solutions. This what our experts do who themselves are young moms, entrepreneurs, chauffeurs for kids, caretakers for the family elders and lots more. We at YuWoW beat stress, this way:

  1. Just 5 minutes in the morning; spend time in the nature. Only 5 minutes is what we ask. Do something simple. Sit in the balcony, quite, alone, doing nothing; you necessarily don’t have to close your eyes. Do not have a balcony? By the window is good too! Listen to the sounds of environment; birds, wind or pure silence. You could do this at night too, before sleep.

  2. Listen to peaceful music anytime of the day. Collect good, soft music anything that stirs the happy hormones in you. Listen to it whenever you can. Music therapy is wonderful.

  3. Flowers and plants around the home and work space is healing. Pot plants, small indoor herbs, garden flowers in cute vases; where you can see them. Water them, nurture them, talk to them and feel the positive aura around you.

  4. Stop controlling. Women by nature have control issues. It is not their fault; they are under constant pressure to be good wives, daughter in laws, mothers and more. This causes a definite imprint on their minds, do best; be best or your family will suffer. Hence, the unconscious urge to nag, demand, point and sigh ‘dominate’. Stop IT! Your children are from you but not you, said by an appreciated Sufi poet Rumi. Your husband is your partner, your Siamese twin.

  5. Remind yourself, everything is manageable. And, if not. You are just human. Leave it to the Superior Force.

  6. Detach. Very difficult to do in this world. But, practice makes it convenient. Learn the art of mentally blocking and even if required personally avoiding, the stressors. This individual always judges me however hard I try, so stop trying to please. Do as much. A person always critics your dressing. Do you need this friendship? Block your stressors; be it people, traffic, environment if you can.

  7. Create a happy space. In your home or workspace, design a nook that makes you relaxed. A small shelf with happy pictures of just you. Or a tiny corner in the house with a nice painting, nick nacks, bright mats. A YuWoW mom keeps a pot of gold fish at home, work table.

  8. Don’t be reckless with your heart or other people’s feelings but avoid those are with yours.

  9. Be kind to your body. Enjoy it. It’s the greatest instrument you have.

  10. Take counselling.

Shield Your Self From Stress, a gentle reminder from Dr. Shikha Sharma for all women out there.

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