Spring Clean Your Diet

April is a wonderful month as there is still a pleasant nip in the air. And, the sun is warm during noon but not hot enough to sweat.

YuWoW team adores the spring season and we preoccupy ourselves cleaning not just our closets but also our diets. Our Ayurveda experts are of the opinion that this weather is best to detox the body and get rid of stressors of winters.

How do we start?

The month begins by Hindu fasting ritual of Navratri. Follow a gluten free detox plans for a eight or nine days. Navratri fasting help your body clear the bowels, water retentions and builds upon your metabolism.

When do we begin spring cleaning of our diet?

Whenever you are ready. The day you feel that you need to improvise your health quotient is the day to begin. Register with YuWoW and get daily updates on health tips and more.

How to work on spring cleaning of our diet?

It is very simple. Follow the following three thumb rule:

  1. Eliminate what you don’t need

  2. Evolve your taste buds

  3. Explore new foods

Let us ‘Elaborate’ on these recommendations for spring cleaning your diet:

Eliminate what you don’t need: Usually, we treat ourselves to food items just because they exist in the pantry. Certain foods are necessarily not required by your body or healthy. Make a list of these food items. For instance, sugar, white bread, cookies, chips and more. You will be surprised of the mindless eating you have been indulging in, all these years. To help you make a list of these nutritionally void foods, take the help of our expert. YuWoW diet expert is available for a quick chat and answer your queries. We have some very interesting meal plans for spring. You will be amazed at how diets like gluten free plans or high fiber foods can help you shed weight this season.

Evolve your taste buds: Limiting your flavours to only salt and chillies is not our style YuWoW explores the aromas and zing of all spices and condiments Indian cuisine boasts of. We in fact shun salt this season and go reduced salt. How about trying the best of culinary treats like cinnamon, ginger powder, roasted cumin, cardamom, aniseeds and plenty more. YuWoW offers many recipes that are easy to cook and healthy. Explore our website and also get access to free mobile App.

Explore new foods: YuWoW team loves to eat and also plan delicious menu meals. Our diet plans are nutritious, wholesome and will ensure weight loss. We believe in tweaking the way you have been devouring your grub with a little more holistic approach. Renounce all year available vegetables and fruits for the seasonal varieties. Spring offers some best berries and gourds. Enjoy them as soups, smoothies and gruels. Discover unique cooking style that is quick, easy and wholesome with YuWoW recipe section.

“Spring cleaning your diet is simple. So, start your scouring as well sorting of the kitchen and spring back to healthy life.”- YuWoW Team
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