Healthy Relationship With Food

Create A Healthy Relationship With Your Food

I have always been a foodie with a zest for good food. Although, conscious of the fact that wrong ingredients will bloat me, weight has crept on to me after my first pregnancy.

My job profile requires me to stay in shape and I can’t afford to let the love handles show. But, starving and exercising like a maniac is not my style.

So, what do I do? Well, I maintain a healthy relationship with my food.

Firstly, I maintain a food diary. I have made a list of foods I need to survive, foods I love, Foods I don’t care for and grub I need as comfort food. Based on this I replenish my pantry and store food accordingly. The food diary is also a daily memo to what I have achieved and messed up w.r.t my eating.

Secondly, I don’t indulge in negative talk about food. All food is good. But, I perceive some of them as not good for my weight and so avoid them.

Thirdly, I deviate and indulge in favourite meal once a week. The rest of week days are allotted to healthy days. I prepare my very own unique diet plan. Monday as detox day, Tuesday as Protein day, Wednesdays as Iron Food day, Thursday as Antioxidant Diet day, Friday as Smoothie Day, Saturday as Mineral Foods Day and Sunday as Fun day. This keeps me focussed and healthy.

Fourthly, I don’t see exercise as pain. I visualise it as a necessary need of the body to stay flexible and joints lubricated (don’t want that engine rusty). I walk, or swim or skip or just go about the stairs.

Fifth, I eat mindfully. Savour each bite and eat in peace. Relishing the flavours and aromas of the meal is important for satiety. Did you realise why you enjoy meals in a fancy restaurant? There is no TV!

Maintaining a positive relationship with what you eat is important and easy. YuWoW diet team is great and is helping me achieve my goals, holistically.

5 kgs down and 5 more to go! Yoo-hoo YuWoW!!!

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