Happy Woman, Happy Weight!

What is your ideal weight? Well by standards 100 minus your height in cms. But, what if you can’t reach it. No worries. Take it easy.

Weight is just a measure. It is important that you eat healthy and feel good. There is a lot of fuss around the perfect weight and lean figure. We at YuWoW, disagree to any standards that make a woman believe that she is just inches and size.

There is so much more to a lady. She is a wife, a mother and nurturer. Say it aloud “I am not just a measurement.

This Women’s Day pledge to be happy. Because a happy woman makes a happy spouse, a happy mom.

So, accept your body but that doesn’t mean that you don’t look after it. You eat right, exercise, stretch and detox. Work on your body, small consistent goals like you work on job, home and relationships.

Give your weight time. Remember, crash diets don’t work. Make easy, committable changes to your diet plan. Going slow ascertains better long lasting weight loss and certainly reduced frustration.

A diet that leaves you famished, angry and weak is definitely not working. A plan that allows small frequent meals, lots of rehydration and keeps you energised is your diet.

Weight is just a measure in the mind. Tangible but not important. Train your mind to think of your weight as intangible quotients like overall satiety, energy, radiance and above all happiness.

So, YuWoW wishes all happy women, your day today; every day.

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