Create a YuWoW Binge Eating Pantry at Home

Wouldn’t it be nice to walk in to your kitchen and grab anything for a bite? And not worry about the cellulite?

YuWoW has a unique concept, eat while you drop! Quite literally. We don’t starve you. We feed you and you see the weight drop off, not your senses.

So, here is our secret. Stock up your kitchen, right. This is what you can do:

  1. No sweetened beverages allowed. Stock up clear H2O in nice attractive bottles and jugs. For the flavoured thirst quencher, just add slices of lemon and mint sprigs to your jug and refrigerate. You can make a batch of cold green tea without sugar as well.

  2. Spend five minutes to create a fruit basket with five different kinds of fruits. Display this on the kitchen counter. Grab and go one fruit, thrice in a day.

  3. Make fruit juice ice pops and freeze. Enjoy a homemade ice lolly when you crave for that sweet cold treat in summers.

  4. Make a stock of vegetables in bulk and refrigerate. Use this stock to make vegetable pulao or brown rice pilaf.

  5. Keep attractive jars in pantry with varied nuts. Stock up on almonds, walnuts, pistachios, pine nuts, dates and roasted peanuts. Allow yourself a fist of any one, as hunger time snack.

  6. Munching eatables are salads; air popped popcorn, sprouts and boiled lentil salads.

  7. Frozen peas and corn are very handy. Microwave a bowl of either and enjoy with favourite dressing for that  quick dinner.

  8. Cookies and cakes are not right for your cellulite. So, keep wheat crackers or saltine biscuits instead.

  9. Make your own dips. Create batches of guacamole, mint chutney, hummus and hung curd dips and refrigerate.

  10. Create porridge with cooked oats or broken wheat and add to low fat curd, chopped berries and store in airtight glass jars to refrigerate. Can be stored for 48 hours and more. Enjoy a few spoonfuls when late night hunger strikes or while watching favourite sitcom.

Hope you like our suggestions. Reinventing your kitchen and pantry is slow but fun. We have several more tips. Read our next blog.

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