A Happy Day Diet Plan

On rising: Stretch your limbs and deep breathe before your feet touch the floor. Follow with a glass of hot water and some lemon drops. Sip on an infusion or aromatic herbal tea in silence, no news, no messages. Just you, tea and sit by the window or balcony. Hear the birds chirping.

Breakfast: An array of bright coloured fruits that are freshly cut with a cup of plain yogurt and some flaxseeds on top for the crunch. A notebook to write down the agenda of the day.

Mid-Morning Break: Tall glass of H2O. Some Vitamin D by basking in the sun for five minutes, parking lot or by the window or terrace.

Lunch: A three silent conversation with your meal expressing gratitude for taking care of your health. Eat slow, mindfully savouring each morsel and letting the taste buds acknowledge the flavours.

Evening: A happy cup of tea or coffee with favourite roasted nuts.

Dinner: A pleasant sit down meal with family or friends starting with soup and ending with salad and very small portions of carbs or protein.

Bed-Time:  A note of five foods that made you feel good today and five new healthy foods you will eat tomorrow.

Happy Diets Make Happy People!

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