Are you exhausted all the time?
It is quite unnatural for a well-nourished body to be feeling tired most of the time. In case you feel that fatigue is a chronic state of your body. You find it treacherous to focus or keep awake late; breathlessness and irritability have become obvious? Well, you could be anaemic! And you should not ignore it.   What is Anaemia? Anaemia is a decrease in your blood haemoglobin levels (the oxygen carrying component...
Create a YuWoW Binge Eating Pantry at Home

Wouldn’t it be nice to walk in to your kitchen and grab anything for a bite? And not worry about the cellulite?

YuWoW has a unique concept, eat while you drop! Quite literally. We don’t starve you. We feed you and you see the weight drop off, not your senses.

So, here is our secret. Stock up your kitchen, right. This is what you can do:

  1. No sweetened...

Spring Clean Your Diet

April is a wonderful month as there is still a pleasant nip in the air. And, the sun is warm during noon but not hot enough to sweat.

YuWoW team adores the spring season and we preoccupy ourselves cleaning not just our closets but also our diets. Our Ayurveda experts are of the opinion that this weather is best to detox the body and get rid of stressors of...

Stress Is Making You Fat! Beat It Without Meditation, Yoga and Chanting.

“I am stressed.” This is the regular confession heard by diet counsellors. And, the response to it is : that is why you are not losing weight.

Stress Makes You Fat:

There is an investigated and concluded theory that stress increases cortisols in the body. This is responsible for storing excess fat especially in the abdominal region. The increase in weight slows down body response to sugar metabolism and...

Weight Less With Sunshine

Lose Weight Basking In Morning Sun Light

Our teachers always quoted, “make hay when the sun shines.” Maybe there is more to just working hard in the sun. It is about your metabolism, the human body’s diurnal response to morning light.

As a new research indicates, people who spend more time in the early morning sun are slimmer.

The study was performed at North-western University Feinberg School of Medicine...

Healthy Relationship With Food

Create A Healthy Relationship With Your Food

I have always been a foodie with a zest for good food. Although, conscious of the fact that wrong ingredients will bloat me, weight has crept on to me after my first pregnancy.

My job profile requires me to stay in shape and I can’t afford to let the love handles show. But, starving and exercising like a maniac is not my...

A Happy Day Diet Plan

On rising: Stretch your limbs and deep breathe before your feet touch the floor. Follow with a glass of hot water and some lemon drops. Sip on an infusion or aromatic herbal tea in silence, no news, no messages. Just you, tea and sit by the window or balcony. Hear the birds chirping.

Breakfast: An array of bright coloured fruits that are freshly cut with a cup of plain...

Your Healthy Diet Can Cause Bloating, Do What YuWoW Does.

A healthy diet majorly comprises of fruits and vegetables which is ideal. But, many dieters complain of gastric bloating on initiating a healthy diet. There is nothing to panic, this is normal and let us give you more insight into why this happens and what needs to be done:

Fruits contain high fructose contain. This causes excessive gas in many individuals. Apples, pears, peaches, guava have more pectin content...

Easy Low Calorie Dinner Preparations

Cooking for the family is very satisfying. But, after a day of running around, driving, doing household chores and also meeting professional deliverables, making dinner is the last thing you want to do.

Ordering in a pizza or a takeaway Chinese meal may seem tempting. Although, you can’t do that every day; it certainly hurts your financial and nutritional budget.

YuWoW diet experts believe that a nutritional meal need...

Happy Woman, Happy Weight!

What is your ideal weight? Well by standards 100 minus your height in cms. But, what if you can’t reach it. No worries. Take it easy.

Weight is just a measure. It is important that you eat healthy and feel good. There is a lot of fuss around the perfect weight and lean figure. We at YuWoW, disagree to any standards that make a woman believe that she is...